Your state of mind directly affects your life in a multitude of ways. This is obvious in the ways that negative thoughts bring about negative events in your daily life. For instance, constantly worrying that your relationship is going to fail will ultimately bring about that eventuality. This is because those negative thoughts will end up coloring your perspective and influencing how you act in certain ways.

As a result of your negative thoughts, you’re subconsciously sabotaging your life. The way you think about your life will influence what happens in your life. While this is true of negative thinking, it’s also true of positive thoughts. It may take some training and a conscious effort, but thinking positive thoughts will bring more positive experiences into your life.

This doesn’t mean bad things won’t happen to you. They will happen, but how you perceive them will affect how deeply those events alter your life. If you try to learn from the experience, or view it as a minor setback, you can more easily return to a positive mindset. That will help you bring more positive experiences into your life.

Another thing to consider is how outside influences are coloring your perspective. Studies have found that social media websites can have a negative effect on mood and mental health, because it sets people up for disappointment. When they don’t get the interactions they hope to receive, they end up feeling depressed or embittered.

On top of the disappointment that social media sites can generate, the content on those sites can be distressing. Stories about crime, abuse, and social injustice can leave you with a darkened view of life. This will ultimately change your overall mindset, leaving you feeling as though there’s only negativity in the world.

How can you combat these negative thoughts? Try taking a break from social media and other sources of negative news. If you can’t take a break, limit the amount of time you spend on these sites, so you won’t be exposed to as much negativity. Try watching your favorite movies or television shows instead. You might also consider reading a good book with a positive theme just before bed. If you can go to bed in a good mood, you’ll wake up with a more positive mindset on the following morning.