Just as everyone has days where they feel productive and motivated enough to accomplish anything, they also have those days where they feel sluggish and barely able to do the bare minimum of what is required of them. If you’ve ever wondered why that is and how you can reach a “peak state” of motivation and productivity, the answer has to do with your state of mind, which is influenced by the short-term decisions that you make throughout the day. Everything from what you eat to your decision to take a short social media break can influence your state of mind and either give you the motivation to crush your day or turn you into a listless procrastinator.


Everyone has their own ways of increasing their motivation and energy, but there are some things that almost anybody can do to reach a peak state of mind. Here are just a few to remember.


Take a Quick Exercise Break


Physical activity is a great way to relieve anxiety and put yourself in a better state of mind, but you probably won’t be able to devote time to a full workout during your workday. Instead, take a quick break to do a short exercise. You can do push-ups, sit-ups, or even take a short walk to clear your head. Any physical activity will help increase your circulation and help you feel more awake and energized enough to get some more work done.


Take a Cold Shower


Cold showers may sound unpleasant, but they are actually a great way to wake up in the morning. Even a 30-second blast of cold water at the end of your shower can help increase blood circulation, reduce stress, and help you feel more alert. It may even help stimulate weight loss and strengthen your immune system. Note that we mentioned a 30-second blast of cold water; you don’t need to take your full shower in cold water.


Review Your Goals


If you find yourself losing focus during the workday, take a look at what you hope to accomplish. You don’t need to review the long-term goals that you have for your life, but you can get back on track if you take a look at your schedule and remind yourself of your short-term goals. Short-term goals that can be reached during a workday are easier to achieve than you think. If you keep telling yourself that and focus on what needs to be done now, you will be able to push through and get it done.