There are many people who feel they’re in ruts in their careers, going through the same robotic motions each day without any passion. And while it’s not easy to leave a job for something you love, it’s best to do it while you’re still young and haven’t started a family. If you’re in a situation where you can convert you true passion into a career, here are some steps to follow to make it happen.

Ensure Your Passion is Genuine

There’s a difference between a passion and a hobby, and you must distinguish between the two before you quit your job, according to Entrepreneur. If you write fiction, for example, the return is very low and you probably won’t make enough to earn a living. On the other hand, writing might still be your passion, but writing blogs, articles and product descriptions for companies is going to be a more lucrative career option.

Determine Demand For Your Products or Services

When you create a business from a visceral passion, you must determine if the market is large enough to sustain your business. The first step is determining the number of buyers and competitors in the industry. If you’re selling a health drink you devised, are there enough consumers in the market who would drink this product? Even if you have lots of competition, you may still have something unique about your product, including a patent, that differentiates you from others. And this might be the hallmark that makes your venture profitable.

Ascertain How You Bring Passion to Market

Again, if you’re a health nut with a new line of protein bars, you must decide how to introduce them to the market. To get there, you’ll need a manufacturing facility to produce your product. You’ll also need to conduct consumer research to come up with the optimal prices for your products. In addition, you’ll need to name your products and create packaging for them.

Educational Requirements

It’s conceivable that your passion will require that you obtain certification or get a college degree before you can turn it into a career. If you have a passion for the law, you’ll need to complete an undergraduate degree as well as three years of law school. You’ll then need to pass the bar exam to start practicing.

Plan Your Marketing

Marketing is how you’ll apprise people of your services or wares. And in today’s marketplace, you have to use a combination of search engine optimization, social media marketing and digital advertising to be successful. To get started, create your website now and start making connections through various social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, according to Legal Zoom.