Increased productivity is important to stay ahead at work. It also can make workers feel engaged and successful. Distractions commonly get in the way of optimal productivity, but technology can help get people back on track. These are four tech products that can improve productivity.



Ommwriter can help writers increase productivity by providing a distraction-free interface and text editor. Users can choose from a range of serene backgrounds, natural sounds, and color schemes to create an environment conducive to writing. Ommwriter opens in fullscreen so that writers cannot see other applications or websites on the computer, but the screen minimizes when users need to use the internet for research.



Lost data is a common reason for unproductivity and can require someone to start on their work from scratch, which means losing time and money. A simple cloud backup system can prevent permanent data loss when internal servers crash or people accidentally delete their files. Carbonite rates as one of the most user-friendly systems to protect data. By storing data on the internet, Carbonite makes it easy to locate files and maintain data protection.

The Productivity Owl


Workers lose a lot of productivity while surfing the web, especially social media users. Employees spend an average of more than two hours a day using social media at work. The Productivity Owl is a Google Chrome extension that helps limit the amount of time people spend on the internet during set hours. Settings allow the user to block unproductive websites, such as social media, while making exceptions for authorized work-related websites. It has an adjustable timer that closes website tabs quickly.


Inefficient meetings drain workers of their ability to be productive and are costly for businesses. is an app that connects to Google or Microsoft Office and helps people run more productive meetings. It syncs calendars and helps users create agendas, write and disseminate notes from meetings, and track data to optimize meeting time.


Technological advances can help workers be more productive even when distractions come from tech use, such as the internet. By concentrating on some of the most common areas of distraction and inefficiency, these tech products help users concentrate on their work.