Time is one of the greatest resources available to us. Resourceful and accountable utilization of time can make all the difference between an entrepreneur’s ability to succeed or fail. Unfortunately, research has shown that 70% of the working class persons are poor managers of their time, something that negatively impacts their productivity while also causing a poor work-life balance. Here are some of the common time management mistakes that will certainly cause your ultimate failure.


  1. Mistaking being busy and being productive


There is a huge difference between being busy and being productive in the workplace. Being busy, in this regard, entails being occupied with doing something. Being productive, on the other hand, entails performing a task that forms part of a larger strategy and target within the workplace. To ensure that you resourcefully utilize your time, you should ensure that each activity you engage in is well strategized and that it facilitates in the performance of your workplace goals.


  1. Thinking that there’s no sufficient time


We are often duped into believing that the 24 hours that we have per day are not enough in the performance of our duties to meet our targets. This is particularly the case when we look at our to-do lists and see them cramped up tasks that we haven’t yet performed. This is a counterproductive thought as proper management practices can help you to achieve each of your daily ambitions and targets.


  1. Miscalculating our time


Sometimes, we fall behind schedule as far as the performance of our duties is concerned; not because we are lazy and poor managers, but because we allocated insufficient time to start with. Miss calculations of how much time we need to complete a certain task can create a wool backlog of unfinished work, thus making us loose on our time-tracking abilities.


  1. Misconceptions about time wastage


It is a common notion in our minds that anytime we spend outside the performance of our core duties in the workplace is time wasted. In this regard, the time allocated to duties such as taking a 20-minute coffee break or even a 30-minute lunch break is often considered as irresponsible usage of time. This is often not the case as taking such a break is crucial to your ability to concentrate later on once you resume.